I absolutely love weddings in all their shapes, forms and sizes. A couples’ wedding day is one of the most important days of their life and no matter how many weddings I photograph, I’m so excited to be a part of every single one. I structure my day around two key objectives:
1. Take awesome photographs the couple will cherish forever.
2. Make sure they have a damn good time while I do!

My approach to each wedding varies depending on the couples priorities, vibe of the day and of course timings. However, a typical day would go something like this:


I generally arrive not long after the the hair and makeup artists and start to take some atmospheric photographs around the room. At this point I like to blend in and get to know the girls, helping in any way I can. Most people don’t really want photos until their makeup is nearly finished, so I’ll take the opportunity to get some detail shots of the dress, shoes and accessories, probably in a different room or part of the building.

I’ll be popping in and out to check on makeup and hair progress and as your they are close to finishing I will get a variety of in action photographs, followed by some portraits when you’re finished! From there it’ll be pure documentary style as I capture reactions and emotions of the morning. From the dress being done up and the first reveal to your bridesmaids or family, to getting the prosecco flowing and any final touches, my goal here is to capture the mood and feeling of the morning

From here I'll head to the venue and meet with the groom. If a second photographer was included in your package, they will have spent the morning with the groom and his groomsmen. If not, I’ll take some quick photographs of them at the ceremony venue. I’ll also spend this time photographing the guests arriving and any venue details I can find.


During the ceremony I go into full documentary photography mode, observing and photographing the event as it unfolds. I choose a few key spots and alternate between them as discretely as possible. I am careful to move during the breaks and not distract during the heartfelt moments, while making sure I get all the key shots along with some creative frames and the candid reactions of your guests.

After the ceremony I usually give you about 20mins to greet your guests and relax with a drink and some canapes. I'll be taking candid photographs of the guests, food and views


When everyone's ready we will go into group photos. I choose a location which is close, scenic and well lit and start with a full group of all your guests. From here I'll proceed down a list provided by you of different family and friend groups. Ideally we want about 10, it can get a bit tedious if everyone's waiting around for too long!


This is where the magic happens! It’s my chance to get creative and make some beautiful portraits you will cherish forever. We’ll drive or walk to some pre-planned locations and explore. After spending he morning seperately, this is also a opportunity for the two of you to catch up and have some lovely moments together. The emotions often come out and I love to capure your natural interaction as well as intentional portraits.


Where the fun really begins! This is your time to let loose and relax, and my photography style reflects this. I'll be right in their on the dance floor with you, capturing all the candid interactions, dance moves and laughs.

If you're having a first dance, I often use an off camera flash to achieve a romantic silhouetted effect. This can also be applied outside, I love a good night time shoot! So if you're up for it, I may also pull you outside for 15mins of creative wizardry, making some fine art photographs you can cherish forever.